Horror icons, Jen and Sylvia Soska a.k.a. The Twisted Twins, make their Marvel writing debut with a story in Secret Wars Journal #5. The Marvel Solicitations for September describe their story as “a twisted tale of demonic diease! Fortunately for the savaged citizens of the Wasteland, NIGHT NURSE is on duty!”

The Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, with elements of all the realities smashed together into one gigantic reality called “Battleworld.” (This event is taking place in the current comic being written by Jonathan Hickman called Secret Wars and it is truly bonkers).

One of the realities there is called the Wasteland. It’s based on the comic by Mark Millar from a few years ago called Old Man Logan, an Alternate reality story about Wolverine where the heros lost the last great fight and the world is now a barren wasteland of depravity – similar in vain to Mad Max.


Release Date:

September 9th, 2015

It’s an amazing read with a super terrible twist, especially for anyone who loves Wolverine.

The last time you saw Night Nurse was in the Netflix Series, Daredevil, where she was brilliantly played by Rosario Dawson. We’ve also seen Night Nurse in Doctor Strange: The Oath, where she fought along side the Sorcerer Supreme – proving to us that she’s the perfect candidate to fight a “demonic disease.”