“February is Women In Horror Recognition Month. As we all know, women are an important part of film in all genres and the horror film industry is no exception. Yes, women do get a lot of recognition for the good they do and the legacies they leave behind, but Women In Horror have yet to be 
recognized in a manner such as this. And we’re not just talking about the busty B movie bombshells that get covered in blood and gore while fighting passionately against the forces of darkness. The true legends…

What would Alien films have been without the talented miss Ripley? Who could scare the living crap out of grown men as easily as the possessed Regan in Exorcist? Or what about the brilliant female director, Mary Harron, who put herself on the front lines to take on an enraged group of feminists and bring us American Psycho?

And where does the blood come in? Well, you can’t think “horror” without thinking of blood and guts and since we’re quite attached to our vital organs, we Twisted Twins got to thinking about how we can give back in a way that honors Women in Horror and has a massive impact on the world. The answer seemed simple. Blood. After all, it’s in you to give.”

-Jen & Sylvia Soska,

Twisted Twins Productions

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