Jen & Sylvia Soska are Canadian directors who started with their award winning self-financed, independent grindhouse love letter Dead Hooker in a Trunk. They followed it with the multi-award winning American Mary which solidified the twins as auteurs with a specialty in body horror.

After the success of their second feature, they would go on to resurrect a franchise for Lionsgate & WWE Films, See No Evil 2. The directing pair would go on to be rehired by the studios and switching genres with a revenge thriller called Vendetta. Their controversial segment in The ABCs of Death 2 would go on to be banned by the German censors. Their endeavour latest made them the first directors to helm a Cronenberg remake with their reimagining of his early body horror infection masterpiece, Rabid.

Avid fans of graphic novels since childhood, it was a career highlight to get to write for Marvel Comics. Spanning over the last few years, the Soskas started with writing a short story for Night Nurse to much praise. They would return again with a story for the Guardians of the Galaxy and again for the first annual Avengers Halloween issue featuring Deadpool.

Their latest was a five issue series for Black Widow: No Restraints Play which featured the super spy back from the dead & on a bloody existential mission to get back to her roots. They co created the very graphic novel, Kill Crazy Nymphos Attack! with comic badass Daniel Way and art by Rob Dumo, a very dark satire on gender politics. The book is for adults only.